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Estimated annual earnings after the 1st year of operation.

Dog Day-Care Franchise

Starts from £9,999+VAT

Before we dive in, let’s highlight a few fundamentals. As with everything, there are no guarantees in life.

These factors influence the numbers: Location, location, location (did we repeat that enough?), investment, training, culture, breadth of offering, competitive forces, pricing, pet demand, quality of staff, transport offering and your own application…all have their part to play in how much you can earn.

In trying to make sense of the numbers there are a lot of variables to consider. If the land or premises are sitting their begging, or the landowner sees renting/leasing you the site as a better income than they’re currently yielding then that makes it interesting. 

We have met day-care owners who were already sitting on the land and premises, one who was offered the land for a stipend as long as the owner’s dog came for free and they maintained the land, plus others who have proactively found farmers, landowners or landlords and gone out and done their deal. Here’s are a few examples on the numbers, but you must do your own homework and corroborate our assumptions.

MyWaggyTails Doggy Day-Care Centre

Licence fee
5 Year Licence Fee – inc 25% off introductory fee£9,999 + VAT
Our ‘Helping hand’ staggered investment option
Our ‘Helping Hand’ investment package lets you kick start your business with an initial investment for your licence of £5,999 + VAT, followed by 4 annual payments of £1,350 + VAT
5 Year Licence Fee – Standard price£12,500 + VAT
Alternative fee options
Lifetime licence*£13,999 + VAT
5 Year renewal licence£5,999 + VAT
Annual royalties or subscription model



7% of all sales
(Management 4%; Marketing Support 3%)
Annual subscription£7,500 + VAT

Please note:
Year 1 subscription is a pro rata subscription and only applies from Month 6

Included in your annual royalty/subscription: –
Business insurance each year for 5 years
Web presence, including hosting and maintenance + SEO
Ongoing support, training and webinars
Enquiry and booking system

Not included in your annual royalty/subscription
Upgraded booking system (eg £550/yr)
Transport, transport insurance and related running costs
Internet and mobile costs
Additional promotional materials/branded clothing
Capex, fitout and leasing
Payments system
Any license fees
Any professional or legal fees

Optional extras
See separate information sheet
Correct as at April 2019

MyWaggyTails provides you a ‘business in a box’. We take you through initial planning, help you understand your legal obligations, train you in dog first aid, canine behaviour and canine welfare as well as the key aspects of running a dog business, prepare the necessary documentation, providing your petcare insurance and getting you licenced, giving you your web presence and promotional literature, helping you launch your business to the local market, and to grow your business over the coming months and years, to ensure it’s a success, for you, your family, and of course for your 4 legged friends.

Service offeringSales guide

Doggy day-care (scenario 1)

Assume you’re licensed for 24 dogs

Day-care daily charge of £23/dog

5.5 days

48 weeks

Sales: £145,728

Less: Overheads

Doggy day-care (scenario 2)

Assume you’re licensed for 50 dogs

90% occupancy

45 dogs in commercial day-care @£25 x 6 days/week x 50 weeks

= Sales: £337,500

Plus additional revenues from grooming and training (assume £35kpa)

Less: Overheads

(Some charge £37/day inc transport)

Don’t forget you also have costs and that these numbers don’t happen overnight

License fees, transport, fuel, phones/data bundle, transport insurance, property and transport lease/rental, depreciation on any Capex (fit out, toys), staffing, franchise fees or training, marketing and business insurance. And of course, there’s the tax man to pay. 

Training and development programme

Day-Care (bespoke premises) franchise.


Induction/On Boarding
What’s involved in your training programme
How and when are we doing what parts of your training (mutual agreement)
Introduction to MyWaggyTailsWho we are
What we do
How we help
What’s included
Other things to consider
Franchise fees, renewal, lifetime, royalties/subscription
How to contact MyWaggyTails
Business Planning
Planning your business
What goes into a business plan
Why it’s important
Start your business plan
Identifying suitable premises
Working through the local authority guidelines
Guidance on space planning
Guidance on materials, finishes and equipment
The dog business
General overview
Additional information sources
Trade bodies
Home boarding
Day care – commercial and domestic
Dog walking
Home visits
Pet sitting
Laws, regulations and bylaws
What the laws say
Local officials
Business insurance
Transport + insurance
Get your DBS check
Skills and trainingFace to Face
3rd party: Canine First Aid, Behaviour and Welfare training, Day-Care
Market analysis
Who are your customers
What do potential customers want
Know your competitors
SWOT analysis of your competitors
Finding your Unique Selling Points
Market your business
Our brand, rules, assets – where to find them
Naming your business
What to say, how to say it
Family and friends
Brand ambassadors
Professional ambassadors
Word of mouth
Spreading the word
Marketing and lead generation we do
Marketing support we provide you
Local Area Marketing
Marketing you need to do: Awareness, relationship building, local promotion
Promotional materials inc promotional business cards and leaflets/flyers
Web marketing
Your web presence inc template and content creation
Social media and how to use it
Things to do to get business
Client testimonials
Photos and videos
Measuring our marketing
Growing your business
Operating your day-care business
Your Operations manual
What’s involved
Planning permission
Veterinary audit
Licensing, audit, re-licensing, policies, processes, documentation, evidencing
Risk assessments
Securing your property
Keeping your neighbours happy
Structuring your day
Emergency precautions – identification of escape routes; firefighting equipment – location and use
Isolation areas
Electrical safety advice
Health & Safety – Lone Worker
Data management
Customer records
Privacy Policy
Online enquiries, booking, Dog Information Form, Diary, Online forms
Terms and Conditions
Email templates
Customer feedback
What dogs?
How many dogs and what types will you host?
Off-site activities
3 Step Check
Meeting clients
Saying No
They say No
Payment gateway
Services and best ways of working
Equipment provided
Equipment needed inc transport, play equipment, water, fencing, flooring, cooling, heating, flooring, walls/dividers, water and utility distribution
Transport – crates or harnesses, branded or not plus plus
Pick ups
Drop offs
Environmental hygiene – appropriate cleaning and considerations
Waste disposal
From nothing to something
Terms and Conditions
Customer contract
Displaying your licence and insurance
Recruitment and training
Financial management
Start-ups costs
Operating costs
Payment systems and management
Keeping accounts
Tax and National Insurance
Growing your business

Day Care Franchise

(Commercial day-care – bespoke premises)

What’s included in your licence fee and annual royalties/subscription.

A MWT franchise enables you to become part of a proven business model, which includes many benefits:
  • License to use our trade marked logo and branding
  • Comprehensive insurance each year
  • Your own exclusive home boarding territory
  • 5 years licence with automatic right to renew
  • Helping you through the licensing regulations, preparing for the local authority licensing audit, preparing the necessary policies, processes and documentation and record management
  • Guidance on different day-care types and suitable premises/venue
  • Guidance on suitable vehicles, custom built van cage or harnesses and branded vehicle signage advice
  • Introductory training and virtual training to include business, operational and technical training
  • Specialist accredited training in canine first aid, welfare and behaviour
  • Training and help to promote your business through social media, advertising and PR
  • Branded clothing to showcase your professional pet care brand
  • A low-risk, supported way to set up your own business
  • Pre-launch, launch and continuing support and advice
  • Your own area within the professionally designed mobile responsive MyWaggyTails website www.mywaggytails.co.uk
  • A regular income stream, with repeat business as you build your reputation in your locality
  • Business launch support
  • Comprehensive pre and post launch local marketing support
  • Tailor made individual area within the MyWaggyTails website

On-going support includes:
  • Emergency phone support
  • Networking and support from other franchise partners as our network grows
  • Online financial management advice
  • Online advertising campaign
  • Professional PR agency support

Key Franchise Benefits
  • No previous experience required
  • High income potential rising from £45-120k+ per annum
  • Full training in sales, marketing, administration and operational procedures, learning everything you need to run your own dog business.
  • 3 days comprehensive training
  • Comprehensive insurance for 5 years (exc premises)
  • Ongoing training
  • Ongoing support
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Use of all MyWaggyTails branding and content assets
  • Lead generation
  • Complete business start-up package
  • Expert advice on the industry

Initial Training

The training internal and takes place over 3 days and includes:

  • MyWaggyTails overview and the market place
  • Laws, regulations and best practice
  • Setting up and running your MyWaggyTails business
  • 3rd party training for 2 key personnel
  • Technical training
  • Recruitment of staff
  • The MWT booking system, 3rd party booking and management systems
  • Sales and marketing
  • Administration, accounts and reporting

The MyWaggyTails franchise includes the following:
  • Trading under the MyWaggyTails brand name
  • Use of the MyWaggyTails brand name and brand assets
  • Your commercial day-care territory
  • Networking with other franchisees
  • Ongoing central support
  • Complete start-up package – including stationery (promotional leaflets, promo business cards)
  • Operations manual
  • A dedicated & integrated web presence
  • Your own page on the main website
  • Your own email address
  • MyWaggyTails booking system
  • Social media profile set-up, content library and introductory training including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and Google Map and Bing
  • 10,000 A5 Leaflets
  • 2,000 promo business cards 
  • Dog first aid course (regional)
  • Online advertising
  • Corporate apparel (12x polo shirts and 12 x sweat shirts)

Other benefits include:
  • A growing marketplace
  • Trusted brand with 5-star ratings
  • Regular, repeat custom
  • Flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle

Other considerations:

Certificates: DBS/CRB check required for relevant persons (your cost).

Please note: A local authority day-care license is required in most locations and circumstances. We assist in this process.

A range of supplementary services and options are also available.

Are ready for adventure – whatever the weather?

Fit for the journey?

Providing the best doggy day-care in your locale

Venue finding

Getting ready

Building awareness and local area marketing

Operational dynamics

Profitable essentials

Our exciting franchise allows you the freedom to work in the growing pet care market. Your passion for pets, combined with professional training, will ensure that your clients receive the very best service.

MyWaggyTails – caring for dogs by people you can trust

Sanity check

Is pet-care right for you?

Think pet first! Even on wet, cold days when you’re feeling less than 100%. Can you? Will you?

Is a franchise right for you?

A franchise business isn’t for everyone. Even with comprehensive support from the centre, you will need to decide whether your skills, capabilities and personal motivation are right for this business. A franchise business requires…

Strength: You must be able to devote time and effort to building a presence with your local community. People do business with people they like, respect and trust.

Commitment: You must be sure that your family is prepared for your commitment (they may even be able to offer support). Equally, you need to be confident you can financially support yourself and your family whilst you get the business up and running to retain that commitment.

Investment: You need the financial resources to initially make it work. And of course, this can be helped by a bank. We have various options available for you to consider, to help you make this happen if this business is right for you.

Is running your own business right for you?

It can be lonely at the top (and at the bottom)

Self-employment requires…

  • Pro activity
  • Passion
  • Ambition
  • Being in charge of your own destiny
  • Organisation
  • Committed to starting your own business and making it succeed.
  • Healthy – this business calls for fitness.

If a MyWaggyTails franchise sounds just the ticket, simply let us know!

Discuss the idea with your family. Prepare your questions, then when you’re ready, arrange to meet up with us for an exploratory chat. Who knows? It might be the start of an exciting new chapter.

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