Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Dog in a Doggy Daycare Business

by | 13 May, 2019 | Dog care tips

Adoring dog owners who work long hours, or need to travel as part of their jobs try to look for means of accommodating support for the dogs. Instead of leaving the dogs to take care of themselves (and possibly destroy the house), many caring dog owners consider taking their dog to a Doggy Daycare Service Provider. Sending your dog to a Doggy Daycare is not only helpful for the dog, but also for you as the owner.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should put your dog in a Doggy Daycare business.

1. You Are At a Peace of Mind

As a dog owner, you are at peace knowing that your dog is receiving the attention and care without you having to worry about him barking all day, digging through the garbage bin, or looking for a route to escape.

When you put your precious dog in a Dog Daycare centre, you are at a peace of mind that your dog will be well cared for while you are at work. From socialising and mingling with other dog mates to interaction with people, you can be certain that your lovable furbaby will never have a dull moment.

However, you need to ensure that you choose a Doggy Daycare centre that offers the best services to your dog. Therefore, do a bit of research and ask for referrals and recommendations to the best Daycare in town. After all, you only want the best for your precious dog.

2. Exercise and Socialization

One of the things Doggy Daycare do is provide play times all through the day so the dog is able to freely express their doggy normal behaviour. Sending your dog to a Doggy Daycare gives them the chance to meet and frolic with new dogs. Your dog learns how to interact and socialise with dogs of other breeds. They learn how to make new friends. 

Understandably, day cares run in different ways. Some allow endless play while some set playgroups and play times for the dogs. Based on the personality and temperament of your dog, the Doggy Daycare will give your dog the required exercise.

3. Human Contact

While you are away at work, you do not have to keep your dog at home all alone. When you send then to a Doggy Daycare, they will have the time of their life interacting with not only different dogs but also with the staff members. The staff will be there to play and interact with the dogs, provide treats, or give them a scratch behind their ear, or give them and cuddles. Your dog will be around people who love and care about animals.

4. Expert-Supervised Playtime

Some dog owners feel guilty about working for long hours and leaving the dog behind at home all alone. Sending the dog to a Doggy Daycare gives the dog many opportunities to be amused while the owner stays busy at work.

A proper Doggy Daycare has experienced and skilled staff members that have had the required training to interpret and understand dog body language. You can be sure your dogs will be comfortable under an expert watchful eye. As a dog owner, it is essential you take your dog’s temperament and personality into consideration at the time of deciding which doggy day care to send your dog to.

5. Relief From Boredom

You cannot expect a dog to sit still all day at home while you are away for most of the day. The dog is bound to get into trouble if he is left alone at home. Some pet owners do not wish to leave their dogs in a crate when they are not at home (and no dog should be crated for more than 3 hours anyway) or while they are at work. If the dog is not put in a crate, then there is a good chance you will return to a disruptive house when you get back from work. To compromise, owners send their dogs to Doggie Daycare where the dogs have plenty of opportunities and stimulation to prevent boredom. Dogs are able to have the time of their life running and frolicking around at a constructive and safe place.

6. A Helpful Solution for Busy Dog Owners

Being a full-time employee, you want to send your dog to a place where you know they will be well taken care of and properly looked after. Now, dog owners do not have to worry about where to keep their dog when they are away all day at work, not do they have to worry about their dog breaking out from home and getting lost. Knowing that there is an option to send their dogs, the busy dog owners are grateful for this solution. They know that the dog will receive care and love, and will be well looked after.

7. You Don’t Have To Worry About Taking Your Dog out For a Walk after You Come Back from Work

After a stressful day at the office, it can be quite the task to take the dog out for a run. When you send your dog to a Doggy Daycare, your dog gets the required exercise for the day. When you get back from work, you are saved from taking your dog out for a walk. The Doggy Daycare makes sure your dog stays physically active and mentally stimulated. This means that he will not get into destructive behaviour at home. Your dog will be exhausted and relaxed by the time you pick him up from Doggy Daycare, meaning it will not be necessary to take your dog on an evening walk. You can come home and relax the day’s tensions away while your dog stays peaceful and content. Now that your dog has had all the exercise, he will be less likely to cause a fuss in the house.

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