Avoid Making Some Common Mistakes While Opening Your New Pet Care Business Franchise

by | 13 May, 2019 | Starting a dog business

A small rental business, a huge production plant or a service provider facility, in any scenario you need to have a well-structured business plan that lays out important elements that need full attention. Missing out even the slightest detail will put you in a situation where mismanagement leads to business failure. Drafting a thorough plan is key to stay away from mismanagement and failure. However, poor planning becomes a pathway for losses in business; this means only effective and efficient planning is required to make a business success.

If you have decided to quit the 9 to 5 of your life and start your own business career then you need to know what it takes to get started. Either you are thinking to invest in a start-up or acquire a franchise, pre-plan the journey after evaluating every possible opportunity.

You will find hundreds of different business ideas floating in the market, some reach to the heights of success in their initial years while some keeps on facing struggles, and few of them lose hopes because of the continuous lows and go towards a shutdown after the growing burden of loans and loses. To be successful your business idea should be distinct from the ones prevailing in the industry, or you should know the marketing tactics that rightly positions your brand and creates a perception in the minds of the audience.

Moreover, looking at the current need in the market opens up a potential ground to step in, for instance, the growing need of pet care services has increased tremendously in the recent years resulting in the introduction of new business industry. If you are fond of pets then it is the right place for you to enter at the moment, because in recent years this industry will be at its boom.

Here are some of the common mistakes that you as a businessperson need to avoid when opening your new pet care business franchise.

1. You are Not Fond of Pets

The biggest mistake a businessperson can do is investing in something they don’t like. The key to success is passion, which goes missing when you are not doing what you want to. Understanding the need of customers is essential, but that does not mean that you enter into a business that you don’t feel associated. Even if you are highly concerned about the profit margin in a pet care business and you are putting your best efforts, it is evident that at a certain point you will feel that connection is missing. The drive that keeps you motivated to work harder goes missing as money alone cannot be long-lasting stimuli. If you want to be successful on the business journey make, sure you are investing in something that you are fond of and passionate about.

2. Acquiring a New Pet Care Business Franchise without Evaluating Options

Are you going for the very first option you found on the internet? If yes then you are doing injustice with yourself. As the pet care, industry in growing different brands have emerged and they are fulfilling their vision of expansion through franchising. You need to evaluate each service provider closely to find the best brand that you think you can work with. Never reach out for the very first option that opens up in the search list, evaluate each to know the potential.

3. Missing Out the Legalities of the Pet Care Business

There’s a lot more that goes into a pet care business than just investment. You need to have knowledge about the particular industry and the operations of the business. Some of the new investors are so overwhelmed about the idea of starting a business that they miss out the legal formalities of the business. If we talk about the opening up a pet care business then there is a list of legal formalities that you need to abide by before starting with the marketing or operational side. Some of the legalities you need to consider are:

  1. The Animal Welfare Regulations 2018(England)
  2. The Control of Dogs Order 1992
  3. Dog Fouling – Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005
  4. Health Act 2006
  5. Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
  6. Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981
  7. Controlled Waste Regulations 1992
  8. Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
  9. Data Protection Act of 2018
  10. Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002
  11. Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991
  12. Regulation on the Protection of Animals During Transport (EC) 1/2005
  13. Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992
  14. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

The above-mentioned legal considerations are just the tip of a mountain, there is a lot more. If you consider buying a pet care business franchise, you would have the advantage of consultancy from the franchisor. In case you miss any single legal formality, your business operations would be termed as illegal.

4. Underestimating the Importance of Business Software

Business software has now become one of the essentials that facilitate smooth operations. You can easily maintain a database of all the appointments schedule and financial operations of your pet care centre. If you think you can manage your business without the help of pre-designed software then you are actually planning to make things difficult for yourself. This software will aid in managing appointments, keeping a record, billings, monitor payroll, and other expenses. Imagine doing all on your own through multiple spreadsheets, and a single miss-calculation leading to a big loss. If you are considering a business then it is essential that you calculate the cost incurred on purchases of software as well.

Pay Attention to Every Detail

You need to keep your eyes and ears wide open when planning to buy a new pet care business franchise. Every detail needs your attention; make decisions after evaluation every logic and opportunity. Avoid making mistakes that can lead to great loss, your decision today will impact on your journey to success.

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