Ideas For Promoting Your Dog-Care Business Locally

by | 13 May, 2019 | Dog franchise information

Whether you have just entered the dog-sitting business or you have been in this industry for years, you know very well that advertising of your business is a top priority. Dog owners want the best for their dogs. Even if you offer the best dog-care services in the neighbourhood, you will not get many clients if you are not able to spread word of your business. Running a local day-care business, you cannot afford to spend a good amount of your money on its advertising. This is where you need to get creative and think of innovative ways to help you promote your business.

Here are some ideas you can take inspiration from to help you advertise your dog-care business without having to put a strain on your bank account.

1. Get Social

Nowadays, clients make it a point to look up the business on social media as a way to judge the services of the dog-care business. If the website or the social media accounts of the business looks as if the owner has put no effort to maintaining it, the dog owners will not consider that business for their pets. 

In today’s world where technology plays a huge role in the operations of a business, it is necessary that you promote your dog-care business through social media. Set up a Twitter account or a Facebook page for your dog-care business. It is a good idea to use visual social platforms such as Instagram to post pictures of your facility and how happy the pets are there. Take photographs of your clients’ dogs and use them as content across all your social media platforms.

2. Post Your Dog-Care Business Card On Various Hospital Bulletin Boards

As an entrepreneur, you need to look for opportunities to promote and advertise your business. It’s not just enough that you take the help of traditional marketing mediums, or you rely completely on your social media advertising. You need to think outside the box. What other prospects can there be for your business?
Hospital bulletin boards can be one such opportunity. The recovering patients will most likely be looking for someone to help them with their dog’s needs. In such times, they will greatly appreciate your services to walk their dogs and take care of them.

3. Don’t Leave Your Home Without Taking Your Business Cards

You never know when an opportunity comes knocking at your door and you might need to give your business card. Should the opportunity present itself, you should be well prepared to make the most of it. Whether you are attending a networking event, walking the dogs at a park, doing your grocery shopping, or simply walking down the street, make sure to keep your dog-care business cards handy.

4. Keep Your Eyes Open For Sign Of Pet-Owning Households

While you walk your clients’ dogs in the neighbourhood, keep an eye open for any signs that suggest the household has pets. Signs such as outdoor dog runs, or fences can be a sure bet the residents have pets in their home. You can leave door hangers that include the details of your business, or you could leave your business card and flyer in the mailbox of such homes.

5. Make The Most Of Your Business Card

Who says a business card has to be mundane. You can make good use of your business card by utilizing its backside. Include a testimonial of your client, number of clients you have provided your service to, your business slogan. You could even use the backside as a coupon. For instance, you can offer a $5 off coupon on your first visit. Make sure that you include this offer on your social media platforms as well.

6. Make Use Of Your Local Pet Food Retail Outlet

Being in the business of dog care, where do you think you will find your target market? Of course, at the local pet food outlet or local feed store. People with pets have to buy pet supplies and pet food. That is where you should promote your dog-care business. Check with the store owner if it’s ok to post your leaflets on the bulletin board in the store or if you can leave your flyers on the store counter.

7. Give Your Dog-Care Business Cards To Anyone You Give Business To

When you make a trip to the dry cleaner, hairdresser, the bank, or when you eat out at a local restaurant, you can give your business card along with your tip. You never know who might need dog-care walking services for their dog. When you pass out your business card, you can be sure they will keep you in mind and choose your dog-care business over others. After all, you give them business. They would not want to lose you as their customer.

8. Send A Newsletter To Your Clients

In order to help you stay in touch with your clients, you can send out a weekly or monthly newsletter to them. This will help to serve as a reminder of you and your business. A well-written newsletter will help you to give updates on the services of your business. This way, the name of your business will always be at the top of their list when your customer’s friends ask them for dog-care service recommendations.

Bottom line

Dog care services can be extremely profitable ventures if you market them the right way! So many people own dogs and have a hard time finding someone who can take care of their pets when are busy or unable to do so. Just make sure to research and target your audience efficiently and effectively in order to bring the business in. Be innovative with your promotional strategies. Follow this rule: if it seems interesting to you, it is bound to be interesting for others!

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